PINOY PUP LINUX 7 Final Edition Chickchick!

A product of true systems analysis and design...

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The proposed system must have the look and feel of using Mac OsX
Pinoy Pup Linux 7 Final Edition makes use of a MacOsX Theme and adjusted its menu, panel/dock and file manager entries to give it the closest look and feel to that of Mac OsX.


It must work on relatively old hardware
The most of the latest editions of Linux distributions, even those that use up less resources require that hardware must be PAE-enabled - something that leaves the PIII's and old Celeron machines to the junkshop, or to pirated versions of Windows XP (since it's unsupported already). Whereas PPL7FE kept the old kernel to maintain compatibility. This however comes with a price - many software cannot be functionally updated, for such reason, old versions were used.

Useful, out-of-the-box
From the dock, the user may conveniently run programs as common as a web browser and media player, to those that need to be installed with other operating systems, such as office suites, professional photo editing tool and high-definition video editor. Looking deeper using its file manager, PPL7FE boasts of Playstation emulators, whiteboarding tool, FTP server and client programs (for file sharing),internet cafe server, multiprotocol chat client, audio editor, CCTV recorder, media format converter, disk utility and partitioning tool, and a file recovery toolkit. Just like its parent, Puppy Linux, it doesn't require installation as it may be run from DVD, Flash Drive, or a memory card. Likewise, it's most useful as a data rescue and recovery tool, and in removal of autorun and its accompanying executable malware from removable storage.

Technical Information
Filesize: 987.5 MB (1,035,479,040 bytes)
Iso contents: PPL-751.sfs, initrd.gz, vmlinuz, isolinux.cfg, isolinux.bin, boot.msg
Third-party software added:
Desktop Environment - XFCE
Pidgin 2.7.3 (chat client), Mozilla Firefox 20.0 (updated), Wine 1.3.31 (Windows emulator), Java 1.6.0_21, Python 2.6, GNU Image Manipulation Program 2.6 (photo editor), VLC 1.1.7 (media player), Openshot 1.2.2 (high-definition video editor), LibreOffice 4.0.2 (updated), GParted 0.5.1 (partitioning tool), Photorec 6.11.3 (file recovery tool), Testdisk 6.11.3 (partition recovery tool), safecopy 1.6 (CD/DVD recovery tool), Pscx-r 2009 (Playstation emulator), Dia 0.97 (diagram maker), Google Earth 5.1.3533.1731, Netpen 0.98 (whiteboarding tool), Audacity 1.3.7 (audio editor), Bombono 0.5.5 (DVD authoring tool), Gtkpod 0.99.12 (iPod manager), Kdenlive 0.7.71 (multifeature video editor), Asunder 1.9.3 (CD audio ripper), Gftp 2.0.19 (ftp client), psppire 2.6.2 (statistics software), scribus (desktop publishing), Amaya 11 (Webpage editor), Geany 0.18 (Code IDE), Chromium 18.0.1025151 (web browser)

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